"...We have redefined the production processes. We have reached the objectives of improving the quality of wines and re­organising the winery. Pascal has a great knowledge of oenology and techniques that allows him to always find the right solutions to improve a classic or settle a problem. "

Charles, Exploitant,

Chateau Maucoil, Chateauneuf du Pape

“I can say, without hesitation, that Pascal is one of the most capable and knowledgeable winemakers that I have met in more than thirty years of winemaking. He has a thorough understanding of all aspects of wine production, from vineyard to marketing and is able to articulate this knowledge in the most appropriate time. He is truly committed to make great wine and to take all the necessary care, to ensure wines as good as they can be. I can summarize up his approach to winemaking citing the old adage : "If better is possible, then good is not enough." He’s aware of oenological innovations and discoveries; at the same time, he shows a deep respect for traditions. I’ve been impressed with Pascal's understanding of wine chemistry and interactions between wine and wood and how these will influence the final outcome. Also, he demonstrates his deeply understanding of the fermentation, the stabilisation, and the filtration or even the importance of the role of oxygen in winemaking. I have no doubt Pascal will improve the wine quality of any winery where he is employed.”  

Robert Paul, Vintner Winemaking,

Consultant winemaker, Australia

"I had the pleasure to work with Pascal during the 3 years he spent in Turkey as Winemaker of DOLUCA (8 million bottles, 53 different products). His control and his organization allowed his employer to present wines to the Turkish market with an higher quality level. The difference between the vintage before his arrival and when he began his work is obvious. The purity, the honesty, the accuracy, the natural respect of the balances, the identity of variety and vintages are the major changes that the market and I have been enjoying in wines produced by Pascal . His pedagogical approach and above all passionate, allowed me to fully develop my technical knowledge and to facilitate the training of sommeliers working under my orders. We appreciate at the moment the last wines he produced (vintages 2012-2013-2014), and for which a big part was rewarded in numerous competitions, in Turkey and abroad." collages-et-filtrations
CONTACT : stephane.vattepain@d-ream.com.tr

Stéphane Vattepain, Head Sommelier, Wine director of D.ream entertainment group (143 gourmet restaurants)


"Pascal LENZI was for me a fascinating and passionate winemaker who was able to teach me and send on me a part of his know-how. We worked on our main production, rosé de Provence, a highly technical and precise wine. He thus helped to produce more clear, more elegant, more smooth rosé wines, while bringing delicacy. The results obtained were remarkable and our collaboration has been very enriching , both professionally and humanely." rose-chateau-de-pampelonne23    
CONTACT : camillecoste@masdepampelonne.com

Camille Coste

Le Mas de Pampelonne, Maitres vignerons de la presqu'ile de SAINT TROPEZ